Pictures of the Past


I don’t normally like thinking about the past but with social media, I don’t really have a choice at times.

Today I realised that almost everybody I knew from my college days is married and have settled down.

I am happy for them but it makes me wish I had that, even more than I normally do.

Lately I have been thinking I’m never going to have anything close to that and it hurts.

Looking at these pictures makes me feel old and like I’ve wasted a decade. But then I remember everything I have accomplished.

Ultimately though, am I being unrealistic wanting someone to be with me and take on all the baggage I come with?


I’m Wounded 


I’m bleeding from the heart, I can’t stop it. At least that’s how it feels, it didn’t hit me properly until I automatically emailed her, without thinking I sent that I was thinking about her. Sending her stuff was the norm, so i didn’t think…

Suddenly I realised that she wasn’t even going to respond. It was like a train hit me at full speed, now I’m sitting here balling into Pup’s fur. I’m so dumb…

I hurt so much that I can hardly breathe…

Dusty Pages 


blow the dust off the front cover of the leather journal, sighing deeply as I pick up my pen…

It’s been sometime since I have even looked at this blog, I have even contemplated deleting the entire thing over recent weeks, mostly because I’m a grumpy S.O.B at times and lash out.

In this case though, I think I’d be cutting off my nose to spite my face.

Physically, I am doing great and Pup is fantastic, emotionally i can’t really complain either.

These days it’s frustration, I am frustrated with various things in my life and at times, as we all know, life can be a drag.

So please stick with me as I use this blog to vent once more…

Life Continues 


I haven’t looked at this blog in quite some time, reminders of what was are all over it and they still sting a little to see.

Pup and I are getting closer with each passing day, we are at the ‘sharing a bed’ stage.

She sleeps at my feet or with her head resting on my tummy, ever my faithful protector and loyal assistant. Our bond is permanently on show but because I am involved directly, I don’t always see the changes until someone points them out.

Like the fact she pushed herself between myself and a man who was standing real close to me at the ATM,  or the fact she stays awake on bad nights and tolerates me sleeping on her and sobbing into her fur.

I think it’s funny how the safest hands I’ve ever been in, aren’t actually hands at all, they’re paws…

Just when I was getting overwhelmed with everything, she looks at me with the ‘life continues’ eyes.

As for baby and I?  Maybe she will come back.. I live in hope…

Still Around 


A few of you have been wondering where I have disappeared to…

The answer is nowhere, I just haven’t felt like writing much with all this stuff going on. 

Don’t worry though, I am as well as I can be. I just have to go dark and close my journal for a bit while I dig myself out of the rubble of everything I’ve built over the past year or so.

Throw away the unsalvagable and repair what’s left. Pup is right with me as I do, so I’m not going to be alone and we will rebuild slowly given the time.

I will pop back occasionally and write if I feel up to it. For now though, I’ll be around but not writing.

One Of Those Days


Sometimes I feel like I’m digging my way out of quicksand with a spoon, I am tired most of the time and emotionally in bits. The last 24 hours wasn’t fun, Baby and I are still going through our rough patch and everything I say seems to make things worse.