Is it possible?


Do you think it’s possible for me to find a submissive through my blogging? I often wonder this, whether my ramblings and rants would interest someone so much, they might be interested in me?

I touched on it with one of my readers yestersday, they said they’ve made of lots of new friendships through blogging. I’d just be happy with the friends but you never know do you?

Stranger things happen all the time…


Coming Soon – Dark Bonds


Yes People,

I am starting my own erotica series, Dark Bonds.

It will have BDSM, vampires and all that other good stuff, thats partly why I’ve neglected my blog lately, RL work and ideas for this series have kept me busy. I am still not sure when I’ll get the first one up yet but it’ll be soon.

I have always wanted to write my own story series and this idea may have been done before but I don’t care.

What do you guys think?

Online Relationships – Can They Be Enough?


The majority of my D/s relationships have been based totally online, my longest was nearly 2 years. Although, towards the end we were talking on the phone and by text messages. It was also the relationship where I started to question whether online interaction was enough for me, or did I need something more tangible?

To this day, I still cannot answer that question…

Somedays I want to never log in to the internet again, other times I can’t get through the day without it. I know plenty of D/s couples who are solely online, they are very happy and seemingly fulfilled.

I have been totally content also in online relationships, so yes I think they can be enough, provided you have good communication skills and are committed to it.

For some people, me included, it’s the only way they can experience their inner most desires, free of restrictions from there regular life. And I am happy to say, thanks to modern technology, it’s getting easier for those who would normally struggle to find happiness and fulfillment this way.

So I guess some would say, it’s better to have a small taste than nothing at all and I agree. We may not have the exact same things happen as they would in a face to face relationship but we can try and/or act out things without the worry.

I’d rather by myself online than keep it hidden and be unhappy forever. I live my dreams, virtually, but at least I Get a small taste.