It’s Midnight 


It’s midnight and I’m awake and cold.

I look over to your side of the bed, it’s empty because you’re no longer there to hold.

It’s midnight and you’re not there, to reassure me or hold me tight. 

Where did we go wrong? From happy and strong , to me writing a poem based on an Elvis song.


A ‘Little’ Trip – Part 2 – Rest Stop


A Continuation of Part 1


We’d been driving for almost 2 hours, when my sweet Blossom turned to me with the biggest doe eyes I’d seen her do in a long time, and squealed, “A Fairground!! Can we stop for cotton candy!?”

I hadn’t seen what she had and secretly despise those over priced things, so I just replied, “No, because if we stop now, you’ll have me wandering around that thing for hours and we’ll be late meeting the others…”

Blossom huffed and placed her foot on the dash again, obviously an attempt to get me to react. She plucked at her denim shorts in frustration when I didn’t take any notice and just simply shoved her foot back down, “I need to pee!” she said after a few more minutes, “Stop the car!” she whined.

I looked at her with a raised brow, “You want to pee on the roadside?!” I asked with disbelief.

“Of course not!” she gasped in horror, causing me to chuckle a little, “You better turn us around and I’ll use the one at the fa-..”

I laughed loudly and pulled over at the side of the road, I knew that was coming…” I informed her and undid my seatbelt. I was stiff from driving for so long and the car was hot and uncomfortable, even with the windows open. The Brat was hot too because her neck and chest glistened with sweat.

“So? Are we going back now, Daddy? To the Fair?” she asked hopefully, her little hand on my upper thigh as if trying to coerce me further.

I smiled evilly and shook my head, “No little Brat, you can go behind that bush over there…”

She shook her head and stuck out her bottom lip, No! Please Daddy! The truckers will see me as they pass!” she whined, straddling my lap. I looked at her face and could see a mix of arousal and fear, I smiled happily loosened the knot in her shirt, she moaned and pressed her mound down onto the rising bulge in my jeans.

We kissed for a few moments before my little Brat opened the door on my side and slid out off me, coming to her feet outside the car. Winking at me, she opened the shirt fully and revealed her perfect breasts, her nipples were erect and a deep pink. She was obviously aroused, and so was I…

Blossom crept to the very small bit of foliage I’d selected and stopped, but before she could complain, I held a finger to my lips. End of discussion. Grumbling, she slid down the little shorts and squatted, I could hear her whimpering with arousal as she did her business.

Moments later, she bolted back into my lap and kissed me hard, grinding herself on me, “Why do you tease me, Daddy?”

I just smiled and lifted her back into her seat, amused as she panted and whimpered.

You and me


Talk to me,
Be my friend,
Approach me
So I’m on wheels,
Why does that mean we have to end?

Hold me,
Squeeze me tightly,
Traverse the darkness,
With you I shine brightly.

From me to you,
I give you my heart,
If you’d only look at me normally,
Instead of judging me,
And tearing me apart.

Why, World Cup, Why!?


Sometimes, when you alone with your thoughts, you imagine how you wish things in your life really were. At least I do, don’t you? The short piece you are about to read is about one of those times…

Walking into my dungeon, I saw her strapped to my St Andrews Cross. Her eyes the colour of the starless night sky. She strained to look at me as I took my place at her head.

I used a finger to the lips, immediately stopping any signs of protest and faux lamentations that may come from her.

“Here you shall stay until I am done with you, my sweet Princess. I discipline you out of love, not out of anger.”

I saw her chest heave a breath at my words. With a slight smirk, I ran my rough and calloused fingertips over her blushing skin. She pushed into my touch rather than pull away… I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the moment.

“I never meant to displease you, my Lord. Forgive this girl for her ignorance, teach me how to be better, how to please you in the way you deserve…”

As her voice faded to silence, I opened my eyes and gazed upon her once more.

“Oh, I will teach you…” I said as my mouth came to her left ear and spoke in a heated whisper, “…And much more besides.”

The girl’s body seemed to tremble with anticipation as her wrists once again tested the leather restraints. Stepping back from her, my hand reached toward the table behind me.

It fumbled for but a moment before my fingers closed around the wooden handle of my favourite flogger, “Prepare to feel the sting of my lessons, sweet girl…”

She whimpered at me as I expertly flicked my wrist and peppered her pink flesh with leather kisses….The length in my jeans grew harder at every, delightfully strained sound she made.

I was about to unzip and take my fill of her, right there on the cross, when all of a sudden…my front door bursts open and family members rush in with buckets of chicken and crates of beer. Don’t you just love World Cup House Parties?

A ‘Little’ Trip – Part 1 – A ‘Hot’ Start


We packed the car the day before, tents, sleeping bags, fishing poles and the rest. Our friends had left already, a few days before in fact and we were scheduled to meet them around noon at the site.

“I’m still sleepy….Why do we have to set off so frackin’ early anyway, Daddy?”

I spun around to see her pouting at me, her hair hadn’t been brushed properly. She was wearing her little denim shorts and pink leather hiking boots I’d bought online the week before. I noticed she was also knotting one of my shirts in the middle, so her navel was on show and smiled at her.

“Because, little Blossom, we have had this arranged for a month now and it was you who suggested it in the first place. It’s not my fault you were awake late…”

She gave me a disbelieving look and stomped her foot in defeated frustration.

I looked back at her with icy blue eyes, it was a look that questioned her sternly and stopped a tantrum before it even started..

“Fine….I’ll wait in the car but if I fall asleep, keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, we don’t want to crash…”

She gave me her best sexy wink and bent extra low as she slipped into the front seat. The swell of her ass looked so amazing in the tight denim that the front of my jeans bulged in automatic response to her.

“Brat…” I whispered under my breathe as I made my way to the driver’s seat. As I opened the door and peered inside, her leg was up with her boot on the dash, the sun reflected on her pale skin enchantingly.

“Like what you see, Daddy?” she asked, with a hint of mischief after catching me gawking at her like a randy teenager.

I grinned as I slipped into my seat and didn’t respond until I was fastened in my seat, “Always…” I said as my big hand came to rest on her upper thigh, lingering there a tad longer than a normal caress. I squeezed her flesh slightly and heard her breathe catch in her throat before I leaned over and took a deep kiss from her sweet lips.

Her foot slid off the dash as a soft hand crept up my shirt and across the hairs on my chest. It was as if the heater was switched on but it wasn’t. My girl’s tender skin flushed under my touch as it trailed up her inner thigh, causing her to moan into my kiss.

She reached for the throbbing bulge in my jeans but I stopped her with a gentle grip on her wrist, “Soon, my sweet Blossom, soon…” I whispered into her neck and she whined with need. “Yes Daddy, soon…”

The stage was set, maybe the journey ahead would get hotter for us?

An Unexpected Encounter


So just as we know, a good friend of mine left his ‘Little’ under my supervision whilst he went away on business. For those who haven’t read that post, I recommend reading that first before carrying on with this. The link is here:

The Daddy Thing


It was a cold but beautiful morning yesterday, so I decided to go and see my friend’s horse which is on a nearby farm, in a stable. So after a 20 minute journey in my Power Chair, I arrive only to notice a familiar car parked on the road to the stables. I check the clock on my IPhone, 6:28am. Who could it be that early in the morning? My friend would still be out of town, so I knew it wasn’t him…

I crept closer to the stable as quietly as a guy in a motorized chair can and was silently nudged by a warm nose in the back of my head. Now even though I kinda new what it was, it still made me jump and squeal like a babygirl in a shoe store. Jackson, a big brown stallion, made himself known and greeted me.

“Wow Jacky Boy, you startled me, who’s here with you?”

I whispered and kissed his nose. His breathing was the usual calm so, whoever it was, he knew very well.

“Hello…Who’s out there?” says a familiar feminine voice from inside the stall.

I look back at Jackson and grin, for I knew this was Sara, an attractive ‘Little’ girl and good friend of the girl I was supervising this weekend.

“Sara, is that you, little one?”

I hear a tiny, almost inaudible gasp and then the sound of feet running towards me. And before I knew it, the stall door flew open and a curvy, trembling little hurled herself into my lap so fast that my chair tipped backwards a bit.

“Sir! I thought it was a Monster out here…”

She squeezed me so tight it made my ‘Daddy Senses’ tingle, it was so hard to know where to put ones hands, she is married to a Vanilla guy after all.

“H-Hey Sara, what are you doing here so early….and alone?”

Her eyes dropped for a fleeting moment before coming back up to mine, it was then I realized she’d been crying.

“Nightmares, Sir…I couldn’t sleep so thought I’d take a walk and I ended up here with Jackson.”

Her breathe felt closer to my skin that it was and my mouth was beginning to dry out. My cheeks must have flushed because she gave the ‘I have found your Daddy arousal switch’ grin and wiggled in my lap.

She bit at her bottom lip and looked around, nobody was around yet as it was still very early. I had seen that look in her eye before at Play sessions, what was she thinking?

“What are you thinking, brat?”

She grinned back at me playfully, wheeling my chair into the stall and helping me into the new straw bedding she’d just put out for the horse.

She curled into my arms and closed her eyes…