Silent Devotion 


We lay here, curled up in bed, your head on my stomach. I run my fingers through your fur as I try to sleep.

My mind races as your breathing slows to its usual calming rhythm. You look at me deeply, as if speaking to my very soul directly.

Stinging tears fill my eyes, blurring my vision of you slightly. I feel a paw move quickly and instantly our faces are inches apart.

Your weighty presence is soothing and my eyes feel heavy, the anger and frustration melting away with every breath you take.

A paw across the chest eases me back into the soft pillow safely, my body surrendering to exhaustion. All night you lay there watching over me, showing only silent devotion.


It’s been awhile 


But I thought I’d write about something…

We’ve, we being my Pup and me, been once again searching for our very own place to live. Now I know house hunting takes ages for everyone, but factor in having to find a place that can get adapted to my needs and that is suitable for my animals.

That is the trouble I’m having at the moment, but we’ll get there, I have faith.

Apart from that, I have been concentrating on making Pup the best and happiest she can be. And to be honest, the night time walks are perfect for unwinding and getting me together after a bad day.

That dog is truly my key to life, I’m interacting with people more, barely logging on to my computer and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

I don’t know how I ever lived without her…

Baby and I are non-existent right now because her life is so busy there isn’t time for such things it seems. I am sad about this, but there is nothing I can do about it. It does make me upset at her on the rare occasion we get to speak, but it’s just how it is.

Life Continues 


I haven’t looked at this blog in quite some time, reminders of what was are all over it and they still sting a little to see.

Pup and I are getting closer with each passing day, we are at the ‘sharing a bed’ stage.

She sleeps at my feet or with her head resting on my tummy, ever my faithful protector and loyal assistant. Our bond is permanently on show but because I am involved directly, I don’t always see the changes until someone points them out.

Like the fact she pushed herself between myself and a man who was standing real close to me at the ATM,  or the fact she stays awake on bad nights and tolerates me sleeping on her and sobbing into her fur.

I think it’s funny how the safest hands I’ve ever been in, aren’t actually hands at all, they’re paws…

Just when I was getting overwhelmed with everything, she looks at me with the ‘life continues’ eyes.

As for baby and I?  Maybe she will come back.. I live in hope…

Troll Hunting with Pup


Something I learned very quickly after I got Pup was that she LOVES to sniff out things. Probably because her parents were part of a breeding program for police detection dogs.

For whatever reason that is unknown at the moment, my girl didn’t make the grade for that line of work. I suspect, knowing her as well as I do now, that it was probably because she hasn’t got a huge liking for toys as a reward, she prefers treats of some sort.

So after that, she was snapped up by the charity that trained her for me. She took to it like a duck to water and qualified to be the ideal dog for me. Pup is gentle, smart and immensely loving.

I don’t know the process they use to pair up a working partnership but everybody I know within the organisation seems to have exactly the right dog for them. It’s amazing!

We have a game that we play when we are just having fun. I place several plastic toy trolls around a certain area and she gets a treat for each one she finds. While we do this though, I work in other commands so her overall skills are kept sharp.

I have the best and smartest dog in the world…for me!

  • I’d just like to thank people for their kind words on my previous post, they really touched me.