Family and Home


One thing I never really talk about is my family, mainly because I didn’t really have the greatest of times growing up.

But I am a momma’s boy at heart and my siblings, nieces and nephews are important to me.

I have always felt being four hours away from them was fine, until last night when terrorists decided to attack our home city of Manchester.

My family live minutes away from the area but luckily far enough away not to have been involved with it.

We’ve had attacks before in the UK but this was different for me, it was an attack on the place and way of life that made me who I am. It was an attack very close to those I hold most dear.

It just puts things in perspective for me.

We are tough, a city of coal miners and labourers. We won’t be divided, not even two world wars could beat us. We may be a small island and we may squabble amongst ourselves, but by attacking us, you just bring us together as one.

That’s why they call us the United Kingdom!


5 thoughts on “Family and Home

    • Draco Dimanovic

      I balled my eyes out because of it, it’s done this way to hurt us the most but I can’t comprehend what you are thinking to be able to commit such a crime on kids enjoying themselves

  1. Ditto to all the above. I can’t bring myself to watch it, the pain is unbearable… I can only imagine those involved

    I’m grateful you and yours are ok. Much love ❤️

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