Blogging Again 


I have had a busy period over the last couple of months, started to write a post about it many times but changed my mind.

One thing I’ve noticed recently, is how much time I spend on venting about my issues but never actually doing anything about it.

I got quite a lot from writing here, once upon a time, so I figured I’d try again.

Recently, my landlord has formally given me notice to move out, two months from April 17 to be exact.

But don’t worry, because of my disability they can’t just throw me out when the time is up, even if I haven’t found anything else to move into.

As you all know, I’ve wanted to move for a while but now I will get more support from the relevant authorities. Even then though, it’s still going to take time. 

As well as dealing with that, I have been investigating the circumstances of my birth and how I came to be the way I am. It’s interesting to say the least and have questions about how and why certain things happened but for now it’s just curiosity more than anything.

So, I’ve been stressing a whole lot about things with very little support, so I’m venting here again.


6 thoughts on “Blogging Again 

  1. I am very glad to see you around here again. And I think that this post shows a lot of insight, and shows you were on a positive path

    Always rooting for you my friend

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