Another year older


But am I wiser? I doubt it!

March marks two things that are close to my heart. This year, for some unknown but brilliant reason, the day that raises awareness for my condition happens to also be my birthday!

Almost like I planned it, huh?

I know it’s a UK thing and all that, but I’m still going to get a few Americans to wear some green. Not only for me, also for fellow CP’ers that have defied the odds and accomplished great things, even though we weren’t expected to live out our first week!

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10 thoughts on “Another year older

  1. little one

    When i was diagnosed at 6 months old, my parents were warned that I might never… walk, talk, drive, go to college or have a ‘normal’ life. Having accomplished all of those, i am happily outside the norm and better for it. There’s no day of recognition for CP here, so know that i celebrate with you in spirit. 💜

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